Meet Our Staff

Attracting and retaining quality staff is the most critical success factor for Citizens Bank.

Bennie Bruenderman - President & CEO
Brenda Bruenderman - Executive Vice-President / Loan Officer
Chris Morris - Asst. Vice President / Loan Officer
Danny Griffin - Vice President / Loan Officer / Branch Manager
Tammy Brown - Vice President / Chief Information and Technology Officer
Amanda McDermott
- Operations Clerk
Shelby Humphrey
- Operations Clerk
Vicki Bunting - Loan Clerk
LaDonna Reno - Loan Clerk
Phyllis Adams - Loan Clerk
Julie Duenne-Humphrey - Asst. Vice President / Cashier
Kelly Walton - Customer Service Representative
Chasity Ditto - Customer Service Representative
Kathy Kuykendall - Customer Service Representative
Melody Bays - Teller
Jessica Aubrey - Teller

Amy Martin - Teller
Janice Ketchum - Teller
Lauren Arington - Teller
Bernice Williams - Teller
Caitlin Bolden - Teller
Morgan Goodin - Teller
Jordan Reno - Teller


 Citizens Bank
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